Guitar Lessons


I'm again offering private beginner to intermediate guitar lessons.

Whether you’re an absolute beginner, mid-beginner or advanced beginner-these lessons are for you!

Do you want to...

- Play with confidence?

- Have clarity of purpose?

- Have better health and stamina?

- Gain fulfillment?

- Do something you're passionate about?

- Start writing music?

- Record albums?

- Become a sought after guitarist?

I follow a structured way of learning guitar based on a guitar course I've created; and I customize the lessons according to the student's needs and wants. Whether you want to play in a band; play 2 songs; or just relax and have fun - your personalized lessons will help you achieve that goal.

Learn everything about how the guitar works while learning how to play and write songs. We'll have tons of ways to develop your rhythm, finger strength and flexibility.

You'll learn things like:

- Body posture

- Guitar anatomy

- Different types of rhythm & strumming techniques

- Gaining flexibility, strength & dexterity in your hands/fingers

- How to read guitar tabs & chords

- How to play with real songs

- How to change chords smoothly

- and much more!

Lessons feature various styles of music, appropriate for all ages: blues, rock, pop, country, folk , jazz, funk, latin and reggae. Even though I can teach multiple genres; if you want to focus on one type or certain artists, we can definitely do that.

Why people love my lessons:

- Learn various playing styles

- Simple to understand

- Clear on music theory and how it applies to guitar

- Not too advanced for all ages and beginners

- Has real songs

- Just like advertised

- Informative

- Graphic explanations

I provide you with:

- Lesson packets

- Done-for-you downloads and resources pertaining to lessons

- Video examples pertaining to what's taught in the lesson

- Exclusive, lifetime access to a private Facebook student group

- Text and email help from me in between classes

After each lesson, I email the student (and parent) a review of the lesson with notes, links, homework, etc. I can provide weekly and monthly playing/performing assessments of the guitar player, upon request. I can also provide grades and attendance records, upon request.

You also get:

- Better time management and organizational skills

- More quality time with friends and family

- A toned body

- Stage presence

- A greater impact on the world around you

- Play open mics and live shows

- Play out your destiny

NEW students get one FREE lesson w/ initial lessons purchase. If you need help getting equipment, I can definitely help. Lessons start at $60. Please contact me with any questions, and be sure to check out the FAQ in the below!


What does an actual lesson look like?

The very first lesson will be an introduction. Depending on what level you start at will determine what exactly we go over. If you're an absolute beginner, we'll go over the Intro to Guitar lesson packet and then 3 Major Chords packet; where you'll start playing chords, finger exercises and songs!

If you're mid or advanced, you'll need to demonstrate to me you understand the intro to guitar packet as well as many lesson packets we can get through until we reach your perfect starting point.

From then on, the lesson will start with a review of the previous lesson where you'll demonstrate what you learned and if we need to continue working on it, we will. If not, we'll then move on to the next, new lesson packet.

Not every student gets through 1 lesson packet every lesson. It varies depending on how much you already know and how much you practice between lessons. I get personal help outside of class?

That's right! I talk with people 1-on-1 to help clear up any questions or confusions that come with learning guitar. During office hours, of course!

What do I need to start lessons?

The 3 main things you'll need is a guitar, guitar picks and a guitar tuner or app. I can help you pick out some awesome equipment if needed! Later on, you'll need a guitar capo and extra strings.

Can someone take the class with me?

Yes! I can teach groups of 2-5 people and would offer $5 off per person per lesson.

What if I can't make a class?

That's ok! If you let me know within 24 hours of the class we can easily reschedule and you won't get charged.

Can kids take your lessons?

Yes, ages 7 and up.

What happens after I purchase lessons?

I'll send you a New Student Packet as soon as I can that will include a detailed syllabus, an equipment suggestions list w/ specific brand recommendations (that fits every budget), and the private lessons agreement. And before our very first lesson, I will contact you to set up an initial meeting to go over everything and to make sure it's a fit.

Can you read music?

Yes, I can and will teach you the basics of reading music and music theory; even though these aren't necessary to learn and be good at guitar.

What if I want to stop lessons?

No biggie! I would just remove you from my student roster and depending if you go through Take Lessons or not will determine if you have to pay a cancellation fee.

Do you offer performance opportunities for students?

Yes, I offer students opportunities to go to open mics with me and would let them know about gig/show offers when I come across them. I also do all-ages open mics for people under 18 to play.

Am I too old to learn guitar?

Determination and heart are stronger factors than age when learning guitar.

Do you teach electric guitar or just acoustic?

I can teach you on an electric guitar but won't be able to help too much with pedals and effects.